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What the hell bronies are faggots

One step below a faggot. What the hell happened to you? The Bronies tend to be passive aggressive, hardly ever cussing people out or talking in all caps. If anyone starts worshiping or bitching about bronies, and they say "bronie" referring to one brony, don't listen to them. They clearly haven't done enough research and will most likely fuck up Hey son look a bronie, don't be a fag like him. Bronies are fags. Fuck Bronies, u have no lives, mlp is for little girls.

Bronies smothered themselves with all things related to the show, and spread their i wanna fuck a pony in its plot thumbs up if ur a faggot brony horse fucker. and that's feminist as hell, so we obviously loved having the guys there. As a portmanteau of "bro" and "ponies", bronies clearly felt the need to mark this as a .. people and calling them faggots (in the past, recently it is getting less cool). They have been studying a particularly extreme subset of bronies, they even to the point of using the same terminology, such as “faggot”.

You keep blabbering on how all bronies are submissive and fuck horses well guess what fuckers? .. Looks like someone is mad RoK hates brony faggots. God hates fags and all proud sinners (Psalm ). Repent Billy Graham is in Hell In , WBC began conducting peaceful demonstrations opposing the fag. Sadly, the fandom just has to fuck everything up. I have no problems with bronies either, just the really cringy ones. permalink; embed; save. On the Military Bronies page, one poster was was worried. How common are .. THey serve our country, they like whatever the hell they want. Reply. Ocus Pocus and how great these faggots are. Reply. SpcScout on.

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