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What equation represents the y axis

For an equation representing the y-axis, there should be no deviation from the y- axis. That means, the value of x should remain 0 through out. the equn. of the y axis is x=0. the logic comes from the point that any point on the y axis has its x co-ordinate equal to zero. (basically any line parallel to the y. x 2 + y 2 isn't an equation. Until you say it's equal to something, it's just an expression, and its numerical value depends on the values of 'x' and 'y'. If you say.

B all the points on the y-axis have x=0. JoeyV · 8 years x = 0 represent y- axis because all the points on y axis on the form (0, b) like (0,0), (0. The [y-intercept] is the point where the line crosses the y-axis. We figured out that the intercepts of the line this equation represents are (0, 2) and (3, 0). y = 2x? This also represents a straight line, and for all the points on The equation of a straight line with gradient m and intercept c on the y-axis is y = mx + c.

We will learn how to find the equation of y-axis and equation of a line parallel to y -axis. Let AB be a straight line parallel to y-axis at a distance a units from it. Question Which one of the following equations represents the y-axis. Found 2 solutions by nyc_function, richwmiller. The equation of a straight line is usually written this way: y = mx + b b is easy: just see where the line crosses the Y axis. m (the Slope) needs some calculation: .

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