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South of nowhere spencer and carmen

Carmen is Spencer's ex-girlfriend. She is portrayed by Brooke Vallone. Spencer Carlin South of Nowhere Wiki. Spencer and Ashley then break up, in season 3 Spencer finds a new love interest named Carmen who later shoves her against a wall in Chelsie's art studio. Spencer looked at Carmen and tried to keep herself from flinching. She wanted Ashley to hurry up and get here, but was also nervous about.

Spencer gets dumped by her long term girlfriend Carmen which leaves her zuqydogibahu.tk goes to Hawaii for her brothers wedding where. Carmen (Brooke Vallone) South of Nowhere / The N in 3×03 “The It Girls” to have a short romance with lead character Spencer Carlin. Spencer Carlin is a fictional character from the television series South of Nowhere. Spencer . In the next episode, Spencer introduces Carmen to her parents.

This is a list for South of Nowhere. The series premiered on November 4, on The N in the .. As Ashley and Aiden's relationship cools off, Spencer and Carmen heat up. 29, "The Truth Hurts", Bethany Rooney, Arika Lisanne Mittman.

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