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Regionfrii how to use

HI guys, I finally able to softmod my wii and use usb loader gx to play games via HDD. My Wii is PAL, i have some NTSC games, if I play NTSC. So this you use on downloaded iso's prior to burning them? I am a bit confused, so do some games contain an update that can brick the wii?. Download RegionFrii software. You will be using this to change the region type. A link to a free download can be found in the References.

Thread: Region Frii!!! Sent from my SC using Tapatalk softmod that you have to run each time you want to use an out-of-region game. Will this game be playable using the same region switch method used in RegionFrii, the Wiikey etc? I'd really like the American version, not the. This allows you to make a BootMii ini file. You can make it autobbot to HBC or SM . It can also use different video modes (NTSC, PAL50, PAL60, and.

First you have to use "Regionfrii". RegionFrii is used to patch Wii ISOs in an attempt to make them playable on foreign region consoles. 4.

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