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How to tease your hair scene style

Rat-tail or fine-toothed comb: Use to tease, backcomb or "rat" You'll need this to tease your hair, as well as to set the style. Do you love hair styles that look long and wild, or short and artfully messy? You can Forget about loads of hairspray, weird teasing combs and wax! Whether. This is how I used to tease my hair and I'm somewhat better at it now just letting you know and at some point I turn off the lights so you can.

Do you want to style your hair the emo/scene way or the deathrock way? Do you want to channel your inner Siouxsie? Watch our hair teasing tutorial!. Yume from Ji Style demonstrates an emo hairstyle. Start from For the sides and top, back comb hair with gel to tease it and add a lot of volume.

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