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How to say fish sandwich in spanish

Translate Fish sandwich. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. pescado refers to fish that have been caught for food. pez (peces) is fish, in general. Jan 24, I want a fish sandwich please. Oct 16, Learn how to use the Spanish sentence Yo me como un sándwich de pescado. In spanish as I see it from this sentance; you wouldn't just say 'fish sandwich'.

sandwich - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. tuna sandwich, (tuna fish between slices of bread), sándwich de atún nm + loc adj. Dictionary English-Spanish . zuqydogibahu.tk sandwiches with lean meats or fish, like turkey, chicken, tuna (made with low-fat mayo), lean ham, or lean roast beef. milk is sometimes added. gallo—meat, bean or cheese tortilla sandwich. . This is the term that is used for fish on a menu or in the market. Live fish are el pez.

Here are some Spanish tapas words to help you get into the mood. variado fritos: typical Andalusian plate of mixed fried fish pulguita: small closed- baguette sandwich One last thing: if you are in Spain and make a small effort to say something (anything!) in Spanish, you will find that a warmer welcome and a bigger. Freed from the constraints of a main meal, sandwiches in Spain have When people say the Spanish use every part of a pig, they really do.

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