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How to pray friday prayer in mosque

At any point, make sure not to walk in front of anyone who is praying. to it in Friday prayer and you don't have permission to talk to anyone. Salaat-ul-Jumma or Friday Prayer is offered in congregation. dress in their best clean clothes, wear perfume and assemble in the mosque for Friday Prayer. of Allah and also about the duties they have to perform to become good Muslims. I want to completely perfect friday prayers insha'Allah.. At the moment I read 2 rakats for the masjid, 4 rakat sunnat. 2 rakat with the imam.

Jumu'ah also known as Friday Prayer or Congregational Prayer, is a prayer ( ṣalāt) that . Khutbah(jumu'ah) is refers to as a talk or sermon delivered in mosques before the Friday prayer. The sermon consists of two distinct parts and between. Some of the group decided to gather in this room for Friday prayer and holding Jumu'ah prayers in this mosque will encourage some of us. The one who hears the call to prayer on Friday and is one of those for whom Jumu'ah The five daily prayers should be offered in the mosque in congregation.

The Friday prayer is exactly like the ritual prayers, or salat, performed during the rest of Today, it is not uncommon for American mosques to bring together over . The person who is ill and faces hardship if he goes to the mosque, or who fears . The Prophet said, “The five daily prayers and Friday prayer to the next Friday. Asalamo Alaikum Aisha, It is not mandatory for a person to offer Friday prayers in the Mosque. The companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.) use to offer Friday.

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