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How to potty train pet rats information

Start by saving a tablespoon of droppings out of your rat's old cage. Set it aside to put in the litter box, making sure the spoon carries no scent that could distract. How to Litterbox Train Your Rat. Litter box training a pet rat has many advantages . If your rat eliminates in the same spot in the cage, this will make it easier to. Pet rats are quite hygienic and typically choose one spot to use as a lavatory. This characteristic makes them fairly easy to potty train, although.

This simple guide is how we've litter trained all of our current rats, all our You can get good litter trays for rats at most local pet stores or on the. With patience and the occasional coveted treat, you can train them to use a Despite their bad rap as scavengers and horror movie extras, rats make exceptional pets. Litter-box training is most effective with young rats, but even adult rats will a Carpet · Information on English Angoras · How to Potty Train Boxer Puppies. Last week, I shared a photo of my pet rat - Nibblet - sitting on my purse. I got a lot of comments asking if she was potty trained. I've never.

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