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How to get franklins car online

hi, i saw a guy this morning with franklin's car in gta 5 online, i looked it up and i found tons of vids on YT i followed every step but didn't get. I have Michael's and had Trevor's before, but can't find Franklin's for the life of me. I've seen someone else driving one too so I know for a fact its. Ok so ne n my mate are arguing over the franklin buffalo. Ikr it would be cool but it is franklins exclusive car but if it was a rare find online.

Grand Theft Auto Online The sports engine pack, aerodynamic body styling package and yearly upgrades make Outside of that, it remains mostly a half- decent car. . Franklin's Buffalo S in the original version of GTA V. (Rear quarter view). A personal vehicle is chosen by the game in TLAD and GTA V, and by the player vehicle is marked on the map with a color-coded icon (green for Franklin, After the first mission in GTA Online, the player is able to make a personal vehicle . Also I don't get what Online has to do with this. . Mane Franklin should get a new car in the DLC called Baller cuz I think in the DLC Ballas will.

This is a known issue with the game. Cars that have been stored in a single- player character's garage are notorious for just disappearing. Your cars get lost/get moved to impound if you leave them around. Impound is bugged and your cars aren't guaranteed to go back there.

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