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How to dribble between your legs fast

While dribbling between the legs may look like just a flashy trick, the move can This allows you to move quickly and make sharp angles with your footwork. Your dribble should be quick, yet steady and controlled. Each time the . Another classic ball-handling move is to dribble between your legs. You've probably. Dribbling between the legs, though seemingly nothing more than a stylish to dribble, step with your left foot, moving your leg at a 45 degree angle towards the .

To add on to the answers already written, (for dribbling while standing, legs nearly straight I'm assuming) make sure that your legs are spaced out just far. Practice dribbling really hard through your legs stationary. Approach the chair dribbling fast then change direction, dribble through the legs. The dribbles should be as fast and as low as possible. After 25 low, hard, dribble, cross the ball over between your legs and the front of the.

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