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How is nasal smear performed synonyms

Looking for online definition of nasal swab in the Medical Dictionary? nasal swab explanation free. Synonym(s): rhinal . Beginning October 15, nasal swab testing was performed on these persons and approximately 5, additional. Synonym. Nasal Culture. Includes For specimens outside the nose, order Culture, Skin Superficial. Insert swab into nose, stay near septum and floor of nose, rotate swab several times and remove. Performed. 7 days/. Ref Lab #. Synonyms, Eos Nasal Smear. Panel/Profile Component, None. Patient Preparation, None required. Specimen Type, Nasal smear. Collection.

Code: ; Name: EOSINOPHIL, NASAL SMEAR; Category: None; Department: Hematology; Start Date: Expiration Date: Synonyms: Nasal Eosinophils. Nasal or body secretion smeared on two slides and allowed to air dry. Preferred collection container: Slides should be made within 24 hours of specimen collection. Rejection criteria: Synonyms: Smear for Eosinophils. Eosinophils, Nasal Smear. UPDATED Reasons for Rejection. Damaged smear ; Delayed or improper handling Synonyms Eosinophils Nasal Smear.

Performed by, Quest Collection Instructions, Smears should be made by the physician at the time Synonyms, Hansel stain; Allergic rhinitis. Synonyms, Nasal Smear for Eosinophils, Eos Smear. Test Includes Specimen Prep, To prepare slides: apply nasal secretions, label with patient name, date and source, and allow to air dry. Storage Performed, Monday - Sunday. Synonyms: Nasal Smea; Sputum Smear; EOSM. Methodology: Manual enumeration of Turnaround Time: Performed 24 hours/day; turnaround time is 8 hours. Synonyms. Nasal Smear for Eosinophils Methodology. Hansel stain with microscopic examination of smear of nasal secretions Specimens may be taken separately from each side of the nose for nasal secretions. Note: If two different.

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