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How bougie are you quiz

Play This Or That And We'll Tell You What Your Relationship Status Will Be This Cuffing Season · Tell Us Your Workout Preferences And We'll Tell You Which. You've had heated debates over how to spell "sadiddy." Wait, we mean "seditty." Er "saditty.". FYI: "On a budget" can be bougie too! ~Treat yourself~ with Hotwire's Worn the slippers given to you in your hotel? Ordered room service?.

Ghetto fabulous? or Bougie? is a personality test that reveals your level of ratchetness. This test is intended to be fun and not intended to be offensive to anyone. I'm tired of introductions, so let's skip ahead to the questions. What's your favorite clothing brand? Note: This quiz does swear, so if you're. Answer our simple questions to find out which famous personality you are most like to. How much you know Ms Dhoni? Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an Indian.

We've seen them on TV—from Whitley Gilbert on A Different World to Olivia Pope in Scandal: bougie black folk. Some wear their bougie with. Your lifestyle choices says a lot about how much you buy into the dominant, corporate consumer culture. Take this quiz and find out if you're a. Take this fun quiz from BuzzFeed and let us know below. We scored 28 out of We have bougie tendencies. ACCURATE. - Tees in the Trap. This is just a light-hearted fun, funny quiz that let's you test how ghetto you are. If your confused right now, then the quiz probably isn't for you, but for those of you.

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