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Gsxr 1000 how to install piston

Refer to “piston ring removal and installation”. Piston diameter. Measure the piston diameter using the micrometer at 15 mm ( In) “a” from the skirt end. I'm installing some pistons in my stock bore The box says" for each 1" of bore, so that makes my stock bore about &quo. You need to replace the Nikasil coating on the cylinder walls. . for valve job and ring job? compression test and leakdown came out.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLATION Important: Inspect all of your pistons, pins, rings before installation or modification. Wiseco Product Installation manuals for pistons, clutches, camshafts, connecting rods, crankshafts along with how to videos. Wiseco FAQ's and answers to common questions when installing aftermarket engine components or accessories.

Piston Ring Installation Diagram . JE Piston Kit GSXR 75mm FSR JE Piston Kit GSXR mm (rings not included***).

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