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For insurance who is the policy holder

The person who owns a life insurance policy, this is usually the insured person, but it may also be a relative of the insured, a partnership or a corporation. Definition of policyholder: Entity that owns an insurance policy and has the right to exercise all privileges under the contract of insurance, except where restricted . The other responses may be right in a weird legal sense, but that's not how the word “policyholder” is used in everyday life. In everyday life, the word.

If you are the policyholder, your name will be on the card. If you have dependents —like a spouse or children—on your health insurance policy. An insurance policy, being a contract, requires at least two parties. One of the parties is the insurer, which is the insurance firm, and the other is the policyholder . In insurance, the insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the insured, known as the policyholder, which determines the claims which the insurer is.

In contrast, if you're covered by a group policy, such as a group health policy or group life insurance policy offered by an employer, the policyholder is the. Define policyholder. policyholder synonyms, policyholder pronunciation, n a person or organization in whose name an insurance policy is registered n. the. Policyholder definition: A policyholder is a person who has an insurance policy with an insurance company. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. A policyholder is the person who owns and is covered under a given insurance policy until it expires - this goes for both renters and homeowners insurance.

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