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Dirtbox disco lyrics howie

Dirt Box Disco - Peepshow Lyrics. When I say rise up When I say war That means the time is now To even up the score The leader speaks His plan has failed. Disco Lyrics: Every night is disco night / With you i'm living every moment for you / Seeing things in a different way / Oh my god i'm thankful that you're leaving. Lyrics for My Life Is Shit by Dirt Box Disco. Steve Moor submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct? login to vote.

'Hooray Hooray, it's Dirt Box Day!'comes the chant from Dirt Box Disco fans every . a page booklet including show flyers, lyrics, and artwork from the period. 4 zuqydogibahu.tk . zuqydogibahu.tk weekly.4 ://zuqydogibahu.tk .4 zuqydogibahu.tk . His musical style has been described as electro house and "minimal electro." Smagghe's Death Disco compilation was a key release in the electroclash genre.

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