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Chowards guava tropical candy

C Howards Tropical Guava Candy 24 - 15 pieces each. This item:C Howards Guava Tropical Candy 24 Ct $($ / count) candies violet taste flavor pez flavors fruit tasty yummy discovered delicious gone chowards lemon hawaii mouth howard fantastic. Guava is one of those fruits that never seems to get much time in the spotlight. What with mango and pineapple stealing all of the attention, poor guava has. *Choward's Guava Candy*. *Choward's Guava Candy*, Quantity in Cart: None Code: Price: $ Shipping Weight: lbs.

I am a huge fan of guava candy in all forms! My favorite is Hong Yuan Guava Flavored Candy but those are a bit of a challenge to locate since they are. So get over your Guava hesitations and try this candy, today! C Howards Guava Tropical Mints have 14 mints per package. Details. Guava is one of those fruits. Choward's Guava This new version is called simply Tropical Candy. from other candies on the market (as are all of Choward's offerings).

Choward's Guava Tropical Candy from C. Howard Co., Inc., Bellport, N.Y., smells and tastes like the fresh, flowered fruit for which it is named. C Howards Tropical Guava Candy 24 - 15 pieces each. We are always here to help you! We do not accept credit or debit cards over the phone. New Product!. If you enjoy guava fruit, then these new guava flavored mints from Chowards are definitely for you! New guava flavor is a lovely mix of melon and pineapple that.

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