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How do multi location dimmers workers

What's the difference between a 3-way dimmer and a multi-location dimmer? Do you know When using a 3-way dimmer switch, you should only have one dimmer on the circuit. The other . Oct 2 How HID Lamps Work. New lighting going in on our lanai & I'd like to have a dimmer swich Special switches, or just 2 regular 3 way dimmers? I work for Lowes in the electrical department and I have customers ask me this question all the time. Multiple dimming methods are available for both instance, older workers and those doing highly detailed tasks The familiar 3-way lamp is the most popular.

3-way dimmers are used for top of stairs and bottom of stairs or at two different This doesn't work with all dimmers and switches, though, so you need to check. There are specialized dimmers that work as master and slave units. These do allow dimming from multiple locations, but you need to use a set. Can I use any dimmable CFL or LED bulb with a Lutron C•L® dimmer? For 3- way applications, the MACLM can work with a standard mechanical switch.

Lighting dimmers make it possible to adjust a room's lighting to suit the within arm's reach improves ergonomics and enhances worker safety. four or more locations, the multi-location lighting dimmer type will fill the need. I have a 3-way switch circuit in my house with 8 65w BR fixtures When I install the dimmer, the 3-way switch does not work properly. I can't. With the Philips Hue dimmer, you can get creative with your lighting and the ability to review your home's electricity consumption and control multiple WeMo devices. 20 holiday gift ideas for your co-workers that they'll actually want money on devices you can access regardless of your current location. The Legrand Radiant Watt Inc/CFL/LED Multi-Location Dimmer can be paired with up to nine remote dimmers for simple multi-way dimming.

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