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How to wash toms in washer

Cleaning Your Toms in the Washing Machine Set your washing machine to a. While we own no pair of Toms shoes, our friends who do. say that Toms shoes care is simple. They gave us these Toms Washing Instructions. YES!!! A way to wash your TOMS in the washer and dryer! So much easier than hand-washing, but you just have to be careful! Click on the picture for the link.

Get answers to questions like: Where is my order? What is your return policy? How do you wash TOMS? Where can I get a TOMS sizing chart?. Washing your Toms shoes by hand may not be the fastest method, but it's the best way to clean them. Before you start, make sure you removed. How to Wash TOMS Shoes. Washing TOMS Shoes to make them last longer should be done with a hand wash in cold water gentle detergent.

Working in a shoe store that sells a plethora of TOMS we get asked all the time on It is advised against to wash them via washing machine. Realize that you are taking a risk by washing anything. Anything sewn or glued can always come apart in a wash if seams were not done well.

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