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Jeep vibrates when braking the car

Visit HowStuffWorks to learn why your steering wheel shakes when braking. Before you hit the road with your quivering car, be sure to ask a mechanic you. If you hit the brakes and feel your car wobble or shudder, it's time to give your brakes a thorough inspection. It's likely a classic case of warped. There are some things that you want to shake—like maracas, a Polaroid picture, or your groove thing. But your steering wheel? Not so much. If your steering.

front end shakes violently. when braking. only becomes violent above 50mph Asked by Andrew May 22, at PM about the Jeep Grand Cherokee. If your car shakes when braking you may have problems with your brake pads, brake discs, alignment, or your suspension. Most times, it is a problem with your rotors. Specifically warped rotors or less commonly friction material transfer where material from the brake pad has.

As you're coming to a stop, you feel a vibration in the brake pedal. Maybe you feel it in the steering wheel, too. A car that shakes when braking. The car feels fine while driving at normal speeds, but when the brakes are applied, the steering wheel will vibrate. Bell Performance's master.

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