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How to eradicate islamic terrorism in somalia

US kills 60 suspected terrorists in largest Somalia airstrike in a year of extremism on the continent as it nears a victory over the Islamic State. Islamic extremist group is adapting to increasingly lethal air campaign, research shows . Al-Shabaab attack kills dozens of Ugandan soldiers in Somalia. Somali soldiers patrolling at a military base shortly after an American carried out the deadliest attack against the Islamist extremist group Shabab in in Somalia — 31 against Shabab fighters and four against Islamic State.

Suicide Attack in Somalia Kills Eighteen Al-Shabab Attack Kills Ten Somali Soldiers. Fighters . Regional Troops Reportedly Kill Seven Islamic State Militants. Somalia hit by two violent attacks Monday, one killing an Islamic cleric and The attack killed Sheikh Abdiweli Ali Elmi, who has hundreds of. They failed to kill Mumin, however, who Islamic State in Somalia was called.

The –present phase of the Somali Civil War is concentrated in southern Somalia. It began It was joined by Hizbul Islam, which is an amalgamation of four Islamist group .. At the end of the month of July , AMISOM and Somalia National Army . and ISS linked militants, killing 36 al-Shabaab and 4 ISS terrorists. It is banned as a terrorist group by both the US and the UK and is believed Al- Shabab advocates the Saudi-inspired Wahhabi version of Islam, while Somalia's government blamed it for the killing of at least people in a. Though America's drone war in Somalia has been shrouded in secrecy, But as fears of the spread of Islamic extremism gripped Washington after 9/11, the Between the end of last October and the end of February, the city. The US conducted a pair of drone strikes against Islamic State fighters Isil claimed its first suicide attack in Somalia in May, killing at least five.

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