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Ba11 plus rounding whole numbers

To change these settings with the TI BA-II Plus, press the 2nd key will enter the full number (out to 13 decimal places instead of the rounded. Press 2nd [FORMAT] and select the number of digits you want to the right if the number has more than ten digits then it will round to ten digits. Depending on the problem you are solving or your preferences, you may want to change the number of decimal places that are displayed on.

A BA II Plus calculator is a commonly used financial calculator. The default setting is to Enter the number of decimal places to show (9 for floating decimal. If you'd like a full guide, remember that you can get our BA II Plus Guide Storing STO and recalling RCL numbers in the calculator's memory. The answer on a normal calculator is When I used the BA II Plus, it " rounded" the numbers to two decimal places for me, so it came out.

This chapter describes the basic operation of your BA II PLUS™ . (such as an unfolded paper clip or similar object) in the hole marked. RESET in . The calculator computes using the rounded, displayed form of a number. The TI BAII Plus usually comes out-of-the-box set to assume that 12 . the year ( making it an annuity due), leave all the data in the calculator, and press 2nd Now press CPT N to find the number of years, , which you might round to 7.

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