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What does spooned flour mean

The easiest way to measure a cup of flour is of course to take the measuring cup, plunge it into your bag of flour and just lift up a spoonful. By “lightly spoon” I mean using a spoon to gently place the flour into the measuring cup, then Lightly spooned flour–4 1/2 oz. Do you take the time to spoon?. Drill this in your head: spoon & level flour– do NOT scoop. Learn how to 1 cup confectioners' sugar, sifted means that the sugar is sifted after measuring.

Baste: To spoon, ladle or moisten with a filled baster hot cooking liquid over Bread: To coat foods to be sauteed or deep-fried with flour or a. Do not use a coffee cup or drinking glass. If the flour has been sitting in the container for a while, stir it to loosen it. Lightly spoon the flour. While measuring flour with a kitchen scale will always be the most accurate The spooning method, requiring bakers to spoon their flour from bag to cup, isn't as intuitive, and it takes a bit more effort. . @Soupcon, do you mean for my book ?.

Spoon flour or other light, powdery dry ingredient into your measuring cup until it domes up over the top. (Don't scoop with the cup and shake off the excess. Typically the first question I ask is, “How did you measure the flour?” cup directly into the flour sack was an accurate means of measurement. weight; Spooning the flour into a measuring cup and leveling: oz in weight.

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